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Witches Brew

Witches Brew

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Servings: 18

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Witches Brew Recipe. The bubbling and oozing of a witches brew will add that special touch to any Halloween party. This is a safe way to use dry ice to create a foggy effect.


fruit punch 12 cups
lemon lime soda 6 cups
orange 2 seeded and sliced thin
dry ice - food grade 5 lbs
water 4 cups


  1. You will need two containers (one smaller than the other) to create the fog like effect of the witches brew. The containers should not be glass because the coldness of the dry ice may cause them to crack. The first container will hold the dry ice and the second will hold the punch.
  2. In the smaller container combine the fruit punch, lemon lime soda, and orange slices.
  3. In the larger container place the dry ice and the water.
  4. Place the punch container into the container holding the dry ice. This ensures that the dry ice will not come in contact with any part of the body. Never place pieces of dry ice in the drink.
  5. The fog of the dry ice will rise and billow over the witches brew.


Never touch dry ice with your bare hands. Always handle with protective gloves or tongs. Never place the dry ice in the actual drink. You never want dry ice to come in contact with any part of your body as it will severely burn.